« Wutever » Indoor Kart Chengdu-CHINA

  • 3 juin 2019
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« Wutever » Indoor Kart Chengdu-CHINA

Our 15 years old customer, Kartmania (Dijon-FRANCE) has upgraded is track with our new Tecpro barriers reinforced with the F1 foam!


KNA Varna Karting (NORWAY)

New Track in Morocco:
Sindibad Karting

Nitro Zone Atlanta (USA)


Karting Monéteau New Track in Auxerre (FRANCE)

24 hours go-kart Race for a good cause in South France

Club Motorsports Tamworth USA


A new track equiped with the Tecpro go-kart barriers has opened in Belgium, Jumet.
With a great layout for the drivers (half technical, half fast) and a warm and involved team, be sure that you will spend a great time.
More information at this adress: http://www.greenpowerkart.be

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