About us

A revolutionary protection system

As a karting and car driver in the 1990s, Rafael Galiana was personally confronted with numerous defects in the use of tire piles to ensure the circuits ‘safety. He carried out a series of experiments before developing the original and patented Tecpro Barriers concept. Consisting of polyethylene blocks connected by an internal strap, Tecpro barriers progressively absorb energy in the event of an impact and provide continuous protection as effective as aesthetic.

Originally from the South of France, Rafael Galiana founded the company Tecpro Barriers in 1998. His meeting with a French roto molding company allowed him to fine-tune the production of the Tecpro Barriers blocks while retaining the simplicity and lightness of the basic concept. After a rapid expansion around the tracks of leisure karting and then of the circuits of competition, Tecpro Barriers has crossed a new stage in succeeding to the acceptance of their blocks for car circuits by the FIA after a long development work.

Prestigious partners

In go kart, a large number of indoor and outdoor leisure tracks, as well as the competition circuits CIK-FIA, the SKUSA Supernationals in Las Vegas, the Monaco Kart Cup and the Bercy Masters, call on Tecpro Barriers.

In the automotive, the FIA relies on Tecpro Barriers to ensure the safety of more than 20 of the most important international circuits and to secure all the Formula E events. The Tecpro Barriers safety is also exercised in F2, GT, WTCC, WRC, and more…

The efficiency and simplicity of Tecpro Barriers’ installation also attracted organizers of events like the Race of Champions, the Shell Eco-Marathon, the Stadium Race, Red Bull Soap box races and go-kart city races.

Safety, profitability and aesthetics are the keywords of the world leader in circuit protection

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